Prepare your Quilt Top

Do not baste or pin your quilt layers together. The top and the backing are loaded on separate rollers on the machine with the batting laid between

Your quilt top should be clean and pressed and free from loose threads. This is especially important for light colored quilts where dark dangling threads might show through.

Piece accurately and complete all seams preventing any seam breaks that may be caught in the hopping foot. The quilt top should be free of embellishments such as buttons, charms, pins, etc. They can be added after the machine quilting is completed.

 Puckers, tucks or wavy borders that have been sewn or pieced in cannot be ‘quilted out’. In order to have you quilt lie flat first ensure that your quilt top is square. When adding the borders find the side dimensions of your quilt by measuring through the quilt center, not along the edges since they may have stretched. Take 3 measurements and average them to determine the length to cut your borders. Attach side borders to quilt center by pinning them at the ends and the center, then easing in any fullness. Do the same to find the top and bottom dimensions of your quilt by measuring across the quilt and side borders.

Your backing fabric needs to be pieced so that it is larger than the top by at least 4” ON EVERY SIDE. For example if your quilt is 20” x 20”, cut your backing and batting 28” x 28”.  If the backing fabric is not large enough, it is very difficult to quilt to the edge and not have puckers/folds on the back. Any extra backing fabric will be returned to you. Please press your backing fabric or if this is not possible there will be a small charge for pressing.

You may provide your own batting or I will provide the batting for you – Warm & Natural 100% cotton, Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 blend, wool, or Quilters Dream poly. Batting should be the same measurement as your backing – 4” larger on every side. Any remaining batting will be returned with your quilt.

I use quality threads especially manufactured by Superior Threads for high speed, multi-directional longarm quilting machines with a variety of colors and blends available. There is a standard thread change per quilt; specialty threads may require an extra charge.